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What We're About


Opened in July of 2017, we strive to create dishes that stem from our passion for making house-made noodles.

We use only quality and seasonal ingredients, combining them into elaborate noodle dishes as well as fun starters and salads. Your expertly crafted dish can be further made your own, with swag (toppings) that can be added to anything.

At Ruckus, we do things a bit different from the norm. We follow the concept of a "fast-casual" restaurant, which is exactly what the name implies. Quick, yet tasty and fun food accompanied by a different style of service than the traditional. Grab a menu, let the host know what you would like and we'll give you a number tag. Then grab a seat anywhere in the house. We'll bring the food right out to you!


We're all about bumping yesterday's and today's dopest Hip-Hop alongside delicious interpretations of traditional Pan-Asian dishes.

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